Final Project

The Final Project consists of software development in collaboration with a customer and users outside the university. The final project aims to give students the experience of working independently on the specification, design and implementation of software and to use accepted methods in the development cycle. Normally 2 to 4 students work together in a project group. While working on the project, students gain practical experience in analysis, design, programming and testing. The projects are evaluated by the project supervisor and two other internal examiners. The grade is based on evaluation at various stages of development and considers all aspects of the development work. The projects conclude with a public presentation. To be able to register for a final project, students need to have finished at least 78 ECTS credits.

We present our current proposals and the completed projects on this page.


We will announce the final project proposals here.

Completed Projects

  1. Mars Rover analog2: a MESR analog with environmental mapping and simulation (26 May 2023)
  2. Towards pedestrian simultaneous localisation and mapping with mobile phones (29 May 2020)
  3. POSIX-compliant operating system for Wixel (22 February 2020)