We are a group researching topics in Robotics and the Internet of Things.

Dr Joseph Timothy Foley is a Mechatronics expert from MIT interested in product design and development and Axiomatic Design. He wants to build smart appliances and systems that are needed, intuitive, and reliable.

Dr Marcel Kyas is a computer scientist interested in making cyber-physical systems safer, more secure, and more resilient.

PhD Students

Joshua David Springer is a PhD student working on the autonomous landing of drones on lava fields.

Graduate Students

Alain René Frey (trash picking)

Gleny Milena Arias Huaman (water sampling)

Ignas Urbonas (robotics)

Jóhannes Bergur Gunnarsson (submarine communications relay)

Sindri Þór Jónsson (landing gear)

þorsteinn Hanning Kristinsson

Undergraduate Students

Baldur Logi Gautason (Mars Rover Analog)

Eva María Hönnund. Sigurþórsd. (Mars Rover Analog)

Sölvi Karl Einarsson (Mars Rover Analog)

Unnar Freyr Arnþórsson (Mars Rover Analog)

Vilhjámur Páll Thorarensen