Joseph Timothy Foley

Joseph Timothy Foley is an assistant professor at the Department of Engineering at Reykjavík University

Joseph received his PhD from MIT in 2007. In his dissertation “Security Approaches for Radio Frequency Identification Systems”, he developed an end-to-end security model for RFID enabled IoT devices. He went on to complete a PostDoc at MIT’s Environmentally Benign Manufacturing Lab with SKF on sustainability and lifecycle analysis in bearing-related products.

Photo of Joseph T. Foley (2018)

Joseph went on to work for iRobot’s Government and Industrial division in the Research department (now part of Teradyne FLIR). He investigated battery performance measures for both the PackBot and Roomba robots. He was the technical lead for the DARPA ChemBots project which developed SMA-based robots capable of transforming their shape, fitting through a 25mm gap, then returning to their previous size.

Since 2009, Joe has worked at Reykjavík University. While still a part-time teacher in 2009, he performed consulting work for the MIT Biomimetics lab focusing on the Cheetahbot’s femur structural analysis. He continues to investigate design methods such as Axiomatic Design for developing smarter automation that people need.

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