Power harvesting IoT sensors on transmission lines

Remote deployments of IoT devices running for long periods in Nordic environments choose between mains-access, self-generation, or large batteries to supply the system with power. Isolated regions have AC transmission lines with the option of parasitically harvesting the emitted fields from the lines. However, this is seldom considered because harvesting the power of the electromagnetic field interferes with the transmission. In this area of research, we wish to evaluate power harvesting methods for IoT devices near DC transmission lines without interrupting the service. The temperature gradient between the air in the Nordics and transmission lines (60-80°C) makes organic Rankine cycle engines suitable. The harvested power alone cannot power a device continuously. Energy storage, task, and communication scheduling are also needed for the device to perform. A prototype shall demonstrate powering a network of devices for at least a week while radio propagating messages over 100 meters.


Unnar Freyr Arnþórsson

Vilhjálmur Páll Thorarensen


The Icelandic Student Innovation Fund funds this project, grant no. 2311800-1101